A travelling fabric shop

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About Us

Lucky Cat focuses on the unconventional, eclectic and Asian inspired designs. Our goal is to bring fabrics that are authentic and different than what might be found in  your local store.  Most of our fabrics are imported from Japan but we also have suppliers from other parts of Asia, USA and Europe. 

The Pop up style allows us to keep our prices as low as possible while not compromising quality. 



Anime, kimono prints, classic Asian designs and cute ("kawai" in Japanese) animal prints. Most of our fabrics are 100% cotton; perfect for quilting, sewing and crafts. We also carry some light weight canvas and cotton/linen prints; great for making bags and accessories.

Here are some examples of what you can expect from us.

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Where Are We?

Without a storefront or online sales; you need to know where we are! We are based out of BC and our pop up locations will be in BC and Alta. Upcoming shows include:

(We don't have any plans for shows at the present time. Please check back later) 

For up to date locations, please send an email request.

Social Media?  Nope - we don't facebook, twitter or any of that stuff!  We're old school and we want to meet you in person. You can touch and view the beautiful prints and if you like us, word of mouth is best! 

If you have a problem, we'd rather hear about it directly so we can fix it directly!   

PO Box 941, Gibsons, BC CANADA  V0N 1V0

(604) 788-1813